Greeen Design

As our name implies, we specialize in “green design” – that is, interior design that contributes positively to the overall health of the inhabitants of a specific area while considering various environmental factors. It is an approach that gives importance to environmental sustainability without compromising aesthetics, functionality, and design quality as a whole.

We use a combination of natural and artificial light sources that can be adjusted according to the preferences of the people utilizing the area. We also take note of office temperature as some scientific studies prove that it affects work performance. Our thorough understanding of the need for correct lighting and proper ventilation, as well as other factors such as sufficient power sources and appropriate levels of privacy, allow us to design spaces that promote organizational productivity and individual health.

greeen also ensures that our furniture is made from materials that are durable and sustainable. Our building and construction practices are eco-friendly. We see it as our responsibility to help preserve and nurture the Earth. It is this environmental consciousness that appeals most to our prospective clientele.