About Greeen

Greeen is an interior design and renovation company that specialises in office interior design and commercial retail renovation. We always aim to provide premium quality services with competitive cost and ensuring our clients are pleased with the outcome.

Since 2010 when the firm began, Greeen has amassed a wealth of experience in commercial interior design. Our team of dedicated and professional designers is committed to creating the commercial spaces that our clients envision. We are well-versed in design work on retail stores, office buildings, F&Bs as well as educational centers.

What Makes Us the Right Choice?

The secret to our exemplary work lies in the kind of professionals that we choose to bring into our team. We have assembled a team of interior designers who are always looking to face fresh challenges set before them. As a matter of fact, we like to encourage competition among our designers and it has always sprouted novel office renovation ideas that never fail to impress the client. It is also our way of selecting the right designer for a particular job. This way, you know you are getting a designer that is in tune with your specific design needs, and will come up with a unique concept that applies to your type of business.

We will work closely with the client from start to finish so that every phase of the project is just as you imagined it. With such a design team working for you, there is not a single moment of worry or anxiety. We make it a point to deliver our services in the smoothest possible manner because we understand that deadlines have to be met and there is never time to spare, especially in commercial settings.

Awarded Singapore SME 500 (2020-2021)

Greeen Singapore SME500 2020-2021

Greeen is recognised as one of the top 500 performing SMEs in Singapore. This award is given by the Association of Trade & Commerce to recognise top-performing SMEs in the country. Also, it is a way to give recognition to an SME that makes a significant impact.

Greeen singapore office renovation company

Whether you are looking for a spectacular office interior design or general design concepts for the corporate setting, the key lies in the type of professional you get for the job. To achieve the best possible outcome, we consider the project as well as its environs. We love to integrate our professional ideas into your preferred approaches to produce stunning concepts that reflect precisely what you have in mind. Contact us today and find out just what quality underpins our way of doing things.

Our Mission

As a trusted and established office interior design expert based in Singapore, we maintain the highest possible standard in every job we take. From the consultation, planning, answering of customer enquiry, to the actual project management and development, we strive to gain your trust and meet your strict requirements.

We stand by our mission to help you achieve your dreams and vision for your business. You may take a look at our commercial and office renovation project gallery that we have completed for our happy clients. Give us a phone call or send a message or email for your enquiries. Feel free to request a quote for an idea about the cost of your preferred task to ensure it is according to your budget. We can use our online calculators for office space calculation, renovation budget estimation and estimated project timeline.

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Greeen singapore office renovation company
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