Undertaking some office renovation has a plethora of advantages. The real scene that we can see in the competitive markets in Singapore. To take advantage of the competition investing in a renovation is essential. The physical appearance of an office impacts the image of a business. This is a key element to businesses that welcome their clients or customers in their office. With an office renovation, it can showcase its unique company identity. Also, getting an office refresh can boost your staffs’ productivity and efficiency. And, who wouldn’t want to be inspired seeing some fresher sight of your office?

If you are planning for an office renovation now, it is vital that you consider some key tips. After all, office reno is one of the major decisions that you make. With these key tips, we want you to save your time and money.

Clearly define your objectives.

You need to start by asking the bottom-line question first. Are you 100% sure that you’re into renovation than relocation? If there’s no turning back and you’ve said ‘yes’ for renovation, the next thing is to list down your objectives.

Asking the value of renovation is important at this moment. It will help you define your clear objectives. You might consider asking valuable questions. Why do you want to it now? How important is an office reno for your business? How it can impact your brand? How it will contribute to winning for a client? How it can impact your staffs’ productivity and efficiency? How it can add value to your property? Is it a valuable investment right now? If you have clear answers to the questions, you can easily define your goals.

Gather key information.

Since office renovation is a major company decision, it’s vital to get the whole picture of your space. Take into consideration your space architectural and engineering documents. In addition, you may also ask for the building structure drawings. These documents can be asked from the building owner. Although checking these documents eats time, but it can assure savings in the future. This is a key consideration when checking if the latest renovation plan can fit in. Thus, you can avoid some discrepancies and expensive mistakes.

Aside from checking the documents, it’s important to do some counter checking. Your design team must assess your place and check the recent conditions. By getting the whole picture of your office space, you can avoid more expenses in the future. With the preliminary survey, you can avoid delays and construction surprises.

Set a holistic plan.

When you already have the information you need, it’s time to get ready for a renovation plan. At this moment you need to set your renovation budget. Get some estimates from a reputable renovation company. You have to consider the materials, construction cost, labor, furniture, and more. Aside from the estimated budget, set some plans for your employees. What they need to do during the renovation, do you have some vacant space for them? Then, you need to consider the new design. It is right for the total number of employees? Do you have some plans for expanding your workforce? Do you want to add more equipment?

Take in mind that in creating a plan your design team or you must work together with your renovation contractor. You have to consider everything, especially your future goals. You must both agree with a realistic timeline and course of action. Although planning takes time, it can save you from unpredicted expenses.

When creating a plan also, it’s vital to get your team to involve in the planning process. This will help you in creating a foolproof plan.

Keep your staff updated about the renovation plan.

When the renovation plan is final it’s essential that you have to communicate it with your staff. A clear plan about the work schedule and safety precautions must be shared with them. You must update them regularly to ensure that your workforce can still be productive even there is an ongoing renovation. Holding a meeting is also essential to address their concerns. There might be underlying concerns that you haven’t see, a meeting can enlighten it.

Open communication with your renovation team.

To turn your expectations into a reality it is essential that you exercise an open communication with your design team and your renovation contractor. Ongoing updates must be well communicated especially the changes since it’s going to involve some major decisions. Take in mind that each change during the renovation must seek for necessary approval at the right time. It is also recommended that a timely meeting must be done to present the updates on the ongoing renovation project. Nothing will go wrong if both sides will communicate accordingly. In this manner, we can see a clear flow of the renovation process.

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