When it comes to commercial renovation, you are probably not thinking of art work as a leading factor in design. But, countless studies have shown that it will not only liven up any workplace, it is also going to help in improving office morale and the production which your employees are going to show. So, when the time comes for you to get to the commercial renovation work, you do not only want to look at ergonomic furniture (although this is also highly important), you do have to consider the aesthetic appeal of things as well, so that you can help your employees focus, and do their work well. Due to the nature of many environments and the type of work that is done in some organisations, the more you can liven up the office, and the more you can add to the allure of the employee coming in to the office on a daily basis, the easier it is going to be for them to increase the level of productivity they can give you when they come to work. So, let’s take a look at art work, and how it can be a big part of commercial renovation work done.

Make space more inviting

Art work is fun, cool, colorful; it is going to help make employees, as well as visitors, happier. When your employees are happier, they are going to work more efficiently, they are going to get more done, and they are going to do better work. All of this is going to benefit you and the bottom line of your business; so, why not throw up a few pieces of art work in the space as you are doing the commercial renovation work in the offices?

In conducted studies, 78% of respondents noted that having art in the office, did help to boost employees spirits, and helped to make a more inviting space; this not only goes to show that it can liven up an office, but is also going to help your employees feel as if they are valued, and are going to want to do their work more efficiently for your business.

Reflect the employee

In adding art work to a space, you should not simply throw up any piece; when doing commercial renovation work, take the time to think of your employees, as well as the type of business/product you sell as a business owner. Not only do you want to bring in pieces which reflect this, but also those which reflect the employees in the office as well. You want them to feel as if you have taken the time to get to know them and the work they do. This is going to reflect up on well with your employees, and it is going to help in creating a space which is more invigorating to work in. If nothing more, it is going to add to a conversational piece in the offices, so your employees can discuss something with the clients when they come in to the offices for any reason.

There are 4 basic work environments which are:

  1. Lean spaces, which have the bare minimum; only the items the employees really need to do their work in.
  2. Enriched, spaces which have plants, work, and art, to help bring the space together.
  3. Empowered, similar to enriched, but giving employees a bit more discretion in the work space.
  4. Disempowered. In these spaces, they let participants move items around, but then things were set back to status quo.

In this research study, it was proven that those in the enriched environment, did more work; in fact, they did their work about 15% faster than in the other environment. What this goes to show is that by giving your employees a bit of empowerment, and creating a space which they like to work in, you are going to boost their productivity levels. So, as you are going through the commercial renovation and deciding what you are going to add to the space, why not choose items which are going to help your employees feel as if they are enriched, as if they are valued, and in a way which you truly want them to thrive in? By doing so, you are going to do just this – you are going to help boost morale and you are going to get your employees to do their work more efficiently as well.

Art types

When choosing art, go with brand identity. You want to go with pieces which are going to showcase what you do as a business owner, and are going to give your employees as well as your clients, a better idea of what it is that you do as a business, in the offices. There is also art work you can choose which can help with employee retention; these are the type of pieces you want to go with as well. Those pieces which are simple in nature, and inviting to the office space. Art should call to your employees, and it should make them feel as if they are a part of a team, and a major part of the work which is done in the space. the more inviting your office is for those who are doing the work, the more likely it is you are going to boost and help increase the productivity levels in the environment.

As a business owner, furniture is a major part of commercial renovation; but, in some ways, art work is just as important, if not more so, in the effort to help increase the work and production levels, your employees are going to showcase, each day they are in the offices. So, when the time comes to renovate, make sure you work with the top specialists to help you in choosing the right pieces for your office space. Not only so you can bring an air of confidence to the room, but also so you can show your employees that you are thankful of the work they do, and want them to remain a big part of your team going forward.