Office design has a big impact on each companies’ employees and clients. We can see varying modern and creative office designs online. It has a direct influence on your staffs’ satisfaction, motivation, creativity, and productivity. Additionally, office design directly impacts the customer’s experience. It helps to create a perceived value of the company. With the impact of modern design, we can see the application of creativity in all aspects: from lightings, fixtures to working spaces.

Among the major players in modern designs for offices are tech companies. We can see how they pave the way in developing amazing workspaces. Today, office design innovation is not only limited to tech industries, but we can also see it in other fields. They have seen the value of open, creative, and collaborative workspaces. Interestingly, Greeen has various modern office design collection in varying industries that you can seek out for inspiration.

Modern Office Design in Tech Industry

Virtusa Offices in Singapore. Virtusa is a global provider of information technology services. Its technology centre located in Changi Business Park Area, Singapore, its offices were designed by Greeen. Among the key features of its office design is a full workplace design that elicits Virtusa’s unique environment and its reflection of the company culture.

To showcase an open, bright, and collaborative workspace, a variety of open and closed collaboration spaces were added. Various hot desk areas are also present to showcase the company’s drive for multiple work settings. This allows teams to enjoy working under a variety of workspaces. To fulfill a bright and fun working environment for the teams, breakout areas were added. They can do an informal discussion while playing some games, pool or table tennis. From the lobby, workspaces up to the breakout areas, Greeen presented Virtusa’s uniqueness and culture.

Luxury Office Design in Financial Industry

Indosurya International Holdings Corporate Office. Indosurya Inti Holdings Pte Ltd is an Indonesian based financial services company serving high net worth clients. To convey a prestigious corporate office, Greeen was asked by Indosurya to do an office design and renovation for its Singapore Office. In realizing Indosurya’s office design, a luxurious corporate office was made to welcome its high net worth clients.

Among its signature addition was the use of imported materials and furniture from Europe to give a classy feel. The colors and details used also showcases elegance. You will also notice the presence of statement furniture and polished meeting area to suit the client’s preference. The overall design was simply dedicated to express Indorsurya’s values for customer service and experience.

Smart Office Design in Automation Technology Industry

OMRON Automation Centre. OMRON Asia pacific is a global leading automation technology company. Greeen was approached by OMRON to design its automation center in Singapore. The office design features the forefront of innovation and technology.

Lighting and colors are blended well to suit a sleek and smarter office design. An open floor plan was also used for its concept lab and to discuss real-time analytics for top executives. You can see the value of more space to highlight its smart manufacturing process and concept lab. It also provides a cool space for a meeting to highlight collaboration and open communication. The design simply reflected OMRON’s identity and culture. Let’s take a short tour of OMRON’s automaton center design by checking the video below.

The office design revolution continues as it adapts to the market demands. Among the key characteristics that we can observe are the use of open spaces and functional areas as they always value communication and productivity. Also, an ideal concept of office design always starts with your corporate values and culture. Reflecting on your uniqueness is always the key.

Take in mind, to provide top-quality work, your team deserves only the best office space. And at the same to win a customer, top-quality corporate office space is needed. Working with a caliber office interior designer is a must to make this possible.

Looking for some office renovation or interior design experts? Don’t hesitate to connect with Greeen, will only craft for the best design for your office spaces. We will fit every design according to your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and quotation!