In today’s fast-paced, demanding workplaces, organisations globally prioritise employee wellbeing. Businesses are increasingly emphasising healthy workplace design to improve employee wellbeing.  

Office interior design in Singapore plays an important role boosts staff productivity and wellbeing. 

A well-designed office interior takes into account natural lighting, ergonomic furniture, and nature to create a peaceful and inspirational environment. Offices may promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being through a smart design, making workers happier, more engaged, and more productive. 

This post covers 10 helpful office interior design recommendations for Singapore offices. These tips will help organisations build a healthy, productive, and pleasant workplace by embracing natural elements, flexible workplaces, and promoting movement.  

Let’s explore these office interior design tips and discover secrets to unlock better wellness in the workplace. 

Ten Office Interior Design Tips for a Healthy Work Environment

Maximise the Use of Natural Light

Singapore has year-round sunlight. Maximise natural light in the workplace. Place workstations near windows, utilise glass walls to let light in, and use light-colored furniture and surfaces to reflect natural light. 

Create Biophilic Spaces

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Why not bring greenery indoors? Indoor plants, living walls, and tiny indoor gardens may contribute biophilic office design aspects. These factors promote beauty, air quality, and calmness. 

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Optimise Ergonomics

Ergonomics is vital to employee well-being. To improve posture and decrease musculoskeletal ailments, choose ergonomic furniture like adjustable workstations and seats. To improve comfort and productivity, provide staff keyboard trays and monitor stands. 

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Design Quiet Spaces

Office Interior Design - Queit Spaces

Finding peace and quiet amid Singapore’s busy cityscape is crucial. Create quiet spaces or soundproof booths for workers to work, think, or rest. Research showed that a person’s attention can reduce due to rising noise levels. Thus, by creating quiet spaces can help to reduce noise, promoting productivity and focus. 

Foster Collaboration Areas

While quiet spaces are necessary, cooperation is essential for creativity and teamwork. Create open areas for brainstorming, informal talks, and project collaboration. These areas may be flexible with modular furniture and adjustable dividers. 

Implement Color Psychology

Colour psychology affects mood and emotions. Use a soothing colour palette. For relaxation, use peaceful blues and greens, for creativity, use brilliant yellows, and for concentration and energy, use neutral tones with flashes of colour. 

Incorporate Breakout Spaces

Well-designed breakout spaces encourage frequent breaks. These spaces might include comfortable seats, leisure activities like pool tables or game consoles, and pantry amenities. Relaxation, socialisation, and recharging in such areas boosts morale and productivity. 

Prioritise Air Quality

Air quality is important in Singapore’s tropical environment. To maintain clean office air, install high-quality air filtration equipment. If feasible, use natural ventilation methods like moveable windows or air-purifying plants. 

Enhance Wellness Rooms

Office Interior Design - Wellness Room

Create wellness rooms where staff may meditate, do yoga, or relax. These places should include comfortable seating, soft lighting, and soothing design to reduce stress and improve mental health. 

Promote Movement

Standing desks, treadmill workstations, and specialised exercise rooms promote workplace fitness. Walking routes, steps instead of lifts, and cycling facilities encourage an active lifestyle. Daily movement breaks promote energy and well-being. 


In conclusion, offices in Singapore must prioritise workplace wellbeing. These 10 office design recommendations may help companies establish a workplace that boosts productivity, employee well-being, and morale. 

Designing workplaces to use readily available natural light creates a brighter, more energising environment. Biophilic design brings nature inside, improving air quality and stress levels. 

Ergonomic furniture and well-designed quiet rooms reduce musculoskeletal disorders and provide dedicated locations for concentrated work. Collaboration zones encourage cooperation and invention, while breakout areas allow for leisure, socialisation, and mental recharging. 

Considering the psychological influence of colours, choosing a colour scheme that encourages optimism and tranquillity provides a productive workplace. Through effective ventilation and filtering systems, workers breathe clean air. 

Employees may relax and relieve stress in wellness rooms. Standing workstations, workout rooms, and walking routes boost vitality and wellness. 

Singaporean firms may improve employee well-being, productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction by adapting these design principles to their office culture and requirements. 

Office design that prioritises wellbeing is an investment in the organisation’s success and longevity. It enhances workers’ entire experience and creates a vibrant work environment where people may flourish and achieve. 

Let us Help You Create a Healthier Workplace

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