Designing an office does not only mean that it will improve its feature aesthetically. Office design has a direct impact on the employees. After all, they spend more than 8 hours in an office. A study has shown that office design can affect employee’s well-being, and it includes their productivity. It implies that the workplace design, whether you work at home or within an office set-up, is essential.

Research has shown that a well-designed office can improve employees’ productivity. And, we’re here to give you some office design tips.

Let us discover the latest office design ideas that can increase the productivity of your employees.

Office Design Tips that Boost Productivity

1. Application of Color Psychology

It is essential to choose a color that can bring a positive impact or good spirit to a workplace. Going for a subtle or using mild colors can bring positivity to any workplace. For example, using low wavelength colour such as green and blue can help in focus and efficiency improvement. Therefore, if you want to have a happy and effective workplace, you may add green or blue colours.

Also, colours play an important role in setting one’s mood. A study showed that the use of bland colours such as gray, white, and beige can bring about the feeling of sadness for women while purple and orange can bring sadness for men. This is why it is essential to find a colour that is relaxing to the eyes.

2. Adding Inspirational Wall Decors

You can find numerous ways to encourage employees in the workspace. But the simple way is actually through having fascinating and motivating wall posters or perhaps wall arts which creates good vibes.

For example, the use of simple quotes wall posters, or even sayings with certain quotations or prominent leaders with the own organization’s head is also an option. Often, bear in mind that certain posters can allow workers to have illicit thoughts and ideas. Keep it as simple, efficient, and elegant as possible.

3. Making things Comfortable

Another way of creating a satisfying workplace is to bring comfort. It is one of the keys when it comes to motivating employees. Also, it’s a way of adding value to an office.

Your office must have more windows and natural light. It is essential to maximise natural lighting as much as possible. The good news is that it will not only inspire employees to work but can also help you save and conserve energy. However, if it is not possible you may maximise your lighting. You may consider adding some overhead lighting because just like the sun it can boost your mood making you more productive.

Also, it is essential that you have a good storage solution. It can help your employees organise their things and they can easily find and reach them.

You must also consider the power of ergonomic. For example, having an ergonomic chair can prevent them from having back pain. In addition, having the right height of the table is also essential in inducing productivity.

4. Creating A Relaxation Space

Relaxation Space

Having a relaxation space within an office can help them recharge and get a productive break.

To create a homey feeling, providing a relaxation space can also help motivate employees. You may add some sofas, hammocks, bean bag chairs, or an office kitchen.


You may also a relaxing corner or a recharge room where they can take a nap during breaks which can help them relax and recover from any difficulties they have for the day.

Another way to create a relaxing area is to create a fun or game room where the employees can play during their breaks. You may add some pool tables, ping pong tables, video games, or having cool indoor basketball hoops.

5. Adding life with Real Plants

Another way to create a calming effect and can also make a homey feeling is by adding some plants. They are not just an ornament, but they can help in boosting productivity. By adding a mini sanctuary or an oasis of nature, plants can help in stress reduction. It can bring life to a dull and stressful life. A study had even shown that it can help increasing happiness and productivity.

Also, plants can help in cleaning the air and also reducing the noise level. It is also an awesome addition to boosts creativity.

To further inspire your employees you may add some small pots such as succulents within their desk or with a green office design or you may read some tips here on how to attain a green office design.

There are various ways on how you can increase productivity. If you need some help, you can count on us. We can help you with your interior design.