If you’re working 8 hours a day or more at a desk, it’s essential that you consider buying the best office chair in Singapore.  If you are an employer and wanted to give your employees a comfortable experience in the office, having an ergonomic chair is important.

Right now, due to the pandemic, we have experienced working at home and a lot of changes in the workplace. And, you can observe how a chair can affect your work especially when you have a desk job that requires 8 hours a day or more. We might be spending more on our gadgets, but remember that the quality of the chair can affect our bodies especially our posture. A cheap and uncomfortable chair can lead you to a painful back and neck.

But, always remember a good work chair is one of the essential office furniture that can save you from hurting yourself. Also, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy a healthy working life. Having a dedicated chair is also essential when you’re working from home.

To help you out in buying the best office chair or a home office chair in Singapore, we’ve listed the best guide in finding a good work chair.

Why do You Need to Have a Good Working Chair?

Good Work Chair in Singapore

Working all day long sitting on a chair and facing desktops or gadgets can cause musculoskeletal pain such as lower back pain, neck pain, and even leg pain. But, a study had shown that the intervention of an ergonomic chair can help to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms for workers who are required to sit for prolonged periods.

Same as office interior design has a good chair can provide the following benefits:

  • Making employees or workers more productive. An ergonomic office chair will encourage the member of your team to enjoy his/her work and be more collaborative with other team members. It is will be also the key to attain focus and avoid the feeling of discomfort while working.
  • Improves Posture While Avoiding Back Pain and Neck Pain. As we can observe, some of the chairs are not designed for long sitting. Looking for an ergonomic chair in Singapore can help you improve or maintain a good posture. It has a feature that can support your spine while you are avoiding your back pain or getting neck pain.
  • Avoiding workplace injury. Poor office furniture such as a chair can be a reason for having an injury. This can be prevented by adding a great ergonomic chair that is dedicated to those workers required to sit for longer periods of time.
  • Reducing the risk of getting back and neck pain. Having uncomfortable is not a good thing. It is among the main reason why you will end up with back or neck pain. A quality chair can help you, an ergonomic chair that has a reclining function allows you to rest at an angle greater than 90 degrees. Also, it has a headrest that can support your head and neck especially when you want to stretch out.
  • Avoid having hip pain. By sitting on a hard chair you may experience pain in your hips since it ass unnecessary pressure on your hips but the best ergonomic chair has enough padding and depth that can provide support to your hips which can eliminate or reduce the pressure on your hips.

Top Considerations When Choosing for the Best Office Chair

Best Ergonomic Chair

We’ve discussed above how important the role of having a good ergonomic chair is.  And here are the top consideration is choosing the best office or home working chair for yourself.

Find an office chair that has an easy height adjustment feature.

It is vital to find an ergonomic chair that has a pneumatic adjustment lever. Find also a working chair having a height that ranges from 16 to 21 inches off the floor. This will allow you to easily put your feet flat on the floor which is essential in maintaining a good sitting posture.

Look for an office chair or a home office chair that has enough depth and width to support your back and provides you comfort.

The standard width is about 17-20 inches. The depth needs to be enough also, so you can sit with his or her back against the backrest.

Choose an ergonomic chair that has lumbar support.

Since the lumbar spine has an inward curve, it’s vital to find an office chair that is having this design. Remember, that without this kind of support you’ll end up slouching which will eventually cause issues in your sitting posture.

Buy an ergonomic chair that has the right backrest.

Your chosen office chair must have a backrest of 12 to 19 inches wide. It must support the inward curve of the spine.

Want to be more comfortable? Get a work chair that has enough padding.

This is much more comfortable especially when you’re sitting for a long period of time.

Find an office chair that has an adjustable armrest.

By having this feature. It can allow your arms to rest and making your shoulders more relaxed. Also, when you are typing make sure that your forearm is not on the armrest.

Look for an office chair that has a swivel.

Aside from the convenience that it can bring, it will allow the user to reach various areas of the room without straining.

Opting for a recliner chair.

There are some people that find it more comfortable when they are reclining, so if you are like them, having a recliner office chair can be a great option for you.

Are you ready to find the Best office Chair in Singapore?

When you are planning for an office interior design and choosing your furniture, it is essential to find a chair that has not only the best design but will give you comfort. So, if you are planning to end this year by treating yourself, buying a good office chair or home office chair is among the nicest gifts that you can have.

We hope that this helps in finding the best office chair in Singapore. At Greeen, when doing an office interior design and we always make sure that we can provide valuable furniture including an ergonomic chair.